Discover Why the Sherlock System – Birthed by Two of the Nerdiest Millionaire Funnel Experts On the Planet – Can Help YOU Capture More Leads, Sales, and Profits…Without Using Unethical, Flash In the Pan Marketing Tactics

Can I Show You a System for Creating Profit Boosting Hooks, Headlines, and Offers that Convert Right Out of the Gate?

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I want to tell you a story about a wealthy landowner named Ali.

One day, a Buddhist priest visited Ali’s farmhouse.  The priest shared wild tales of how he had traveled the world, and come into contact with men whose treasures filled vaults.

He explained that these millionaires were not businessmen, but had stumbled into their wealth after discovering diamonds.  In particular, the priest told Ali that if he could get his hands on just one thumb-sized stone, he could buy an entire city.

And while Ali had woken up a wealthy man – with a large farm, gardens for days, and a respectable income – he went to sleep as poor as a beggar.

Tormented by the prospect of endless riches, Ali sold his possessions and set out in search of the rare gems.

From the shores of India to the hills of Europe, he searched high and low. Near and far.  Despite his best effort, however, he never found a single diamond.

Alone, penniless, and beaten down by life, Ali gave up his quest and threw himself into raging ocean.

Where to Strike Marketing Gold

Shortly after, the man who had bought Ali’s property was riding his camel. At a small bank, he stopped so the camel could drink some water.

As the animal’s nose dipped through the moss, a gleam of light caught the man’s eye.

Curious, he reached down and pulled out a dirty black rock.  Thinking nothing of it, he set the stone on his mantle and went about his life.

Less than one week later, the town pastor stopped by.  Seeing the stone on his friend’s mantle, he nearly fainted.

As it turns out, this was no ordinary rock…It was a fist-sized diamond.  And it wasn’t the only one.

In the end, it was discovered Ali had been living on top of the African Golconda diamond mine – rumored to be the most productive mines ever.

But because our friend never did his due diligence, the farmer overlooked what was literally acres of diamonds right underneath his nose.

Business Owners Worldwide Leaving Billions On the Table

Considered to be one of the most famous American speeches of all time, the “Acres of Diamonds” fable carries a critical message for small business owners.

Let me explain.

A few years ago, I began working with a client in the weight loss niche.

Prior to us working together, the owners assumed their audience was made up of men and women, ages 35-45, who wanted to lose weight.

As you can imagine, my client’s marketing materials reflected their assumptions. Throughout their funnel, I saw:

  • Young guys with their shirts off flexing their muscles
  • Aggressive, over-the-top headlines
  • And lots of red and black

But there was a problem.

The Key to Scaling

Despite having over a decade of media buying experience, and having spent millions of dollars on ads…

My client was struggling to convert their traffic into profits.

So I dug into the research.  Like Sherlock investigating the latest murder case, I left no stone unturned.

Surveys. Phone calls.  The whole nine yards.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long to laser in on the problem.

“It’s a Mess to Guess”

By the time I was done, I’d discovered this company’s audience was 89% women, with only 10% of their (six-figure) email list under age 45.

On top of that, 40% of their buyers were age 45-54, and a whopping 50% were 55 and up!

Why are these number so surprising?

Because the sales appeals you’d use to persuade a 40 year old man are completely different from the ones you’d use on a 55-year old woman!

A recently divorced, 41-year old dad still thinks he’s “got it.” Bring on the six-pack abs training, red Corvette, and knockoff Italian suit.

The 55 year old woman?

She’s wiser. She knows her ‘bikini body’ days are gone. At this point, she’s more concerned with hiding those wrinkles and boosting her energy levels.

Assumptions Are Dangerous

In short, my client’s messaging was off the mark…big time.  And really, it’s no one’s fault. I mean, let’s be honest here…

Research is boring, time consuming, and given human nature, most people think they know this stuff already.

The data, however, almost always tells a different story.

Fortunately my client was open minded. In particular, they took swift action to adjust their targeting, imagery, and messaging.

If you were to look at their funnel today, you’d find:

  • Softer colors, like light grey and baby blue
  • Photos of women and couples in their 50s
  • Headlines focused on metabolism and health (versus focusing entirely on fat loss)

The result?

2015 was their highest grossing year ever, earning them a spot on 2016’s Inc. 500.

Thou Shalt Not Leave Money on the Table

Sadly, most business owners have never spent this much time digging into their market. Which makes perfect sense…

There’s nothing new, flashy, or sexy about research. No one’s creating any hot products about it. The gurus never talk about it.

And I’m willing to guess you didn’t start a business so you could analyze survey data or spend hours on the phone interviewing prospects.

I understand. But here’s thing…

It’s near impossible to create record breaking, high converting, massively successful offers if you don’t know your market like the back of your hand.

And here’s why.

“Marketing comes down to what you say, and to whom you’re saying it.”

Marketing is understanding exactly who your audience is, and precisely what messaging will persuade them to give you their cash.

So if you’re suffering from any of the following…

  • Low conversion rates on your lead gen and/or sales pages
  • Struggling to move from organic traffic to paid ads (while staying profitable)
  • Current marketing and sales KPIs are putting stress on your bottom line
  • Audience members aren’t as engaged as they used to be
  • Your list is made up of a large number of freebie seekers, but not nearly enough buyers

Then I’m willing to bet you’re either saying the wrong thing to the right people…

…the right thing to the wrong people…

Or both!

A Flashy Funnel Won’t Fix Your Problem

Either way, these are not the type of issues you’re going to solve with a flashy funnel or this month’s hot new info product.

No, what you need is a deeper understanding of your market.

And as The Research Copywriter, I’d like to help you do just that. Because let me ask you something…

  • Would you rather sit on a hot poker than spend 20+ hours on the phone, probing the depths of your prospects deepest insecurities, fears, and doubts?
  • Do you have the time to read through – and properly analyze – 50,000 words of survey responses?
  • Does the idea of digging into your Analytics reports make you want to blow your brains out?

Well, I have great news for you: You do not have to do any of this stuff…ever.

Not only will I handle these for you, I’ll get them done in a matter of weeks!

Say “Goodbye” to Limp Conversion Rates

Imagine lasering in on the exact messaging, hook, and offer needed to persuade ice cold prospects to pull our the credit cards and buy your products or services…

Imagine repositioning your existing products to create massive demand and a near immediate cash windfall…

Imagine identifying a pocket of people – inside the list you already have – who are starving for a solution your products and services can solve…

Hi, I’m Chris…

The Research Copywriter

Over the last four years, I’ve worked with Shark Tank winners, Inc. 500 companies, and seven-figure information marketers to do one thing and one thing only:

Help them capture more leads, sales, and profits.

More important, I’ve developed a unique research process – based on the methods of some of the nerdiest millionaire marketers on the planet – to help YOU do the same.

I call it the Sherlock System, and it’s designed to help you:

  • Laser in on the messaging, hook, and headline that will persuade your prospects to pull out their credit cards and buy!
  • Unearth the objections blocking your prospects from purchasing, so you can ethically convert ‘on the fence’ leads into paying customers
  • Reposition your existing products, allowing you to create hit-sellers without investing tons of time and money into launching something new
  • Sniff out weaknesses in your funnel’s messaging, allowing you to improve conversions on each and every step…without having to rebuild the whole thing from scratch
  • Find the mismatch between what you’re selling (or trying to sell), and what your audience is secretly desperate for
  • Discover which pages of your site and funnel are leaking cash (and how you can plug them to boost profits virtually overnight)
  • Launch hit product after hit product – with confidence – because you already know exactly what unmet needs exist in your market (and how to position your offer as the obvious solution)
  • Immediately identify limp, weak, profit-sucking headlines (so you can replace them with winners)
  • Nail down the true demographics of your market, so you can target your media buys with the precision of a heat seeking missile
  • Uncover the disconnect between what you’re saying to your market – and what they’re hearing
  • Identify the weaknesses in your lead magnets, helping you to capture more leads at a lower CPL
  • Tap into the emotional hot button issues that lie at the core of your prospect’s buying decision, allowing you to create “smooth as butter” copy that positions your product or service as the obvious solution to your market’s most pressing pains
  • Unlock the exact words and phrases your market uses to describe their fears and desires, allowing you to create content and copy that convert
  • Laser target your Facebook ads, enabling you to rock your CTRs and slash your CPCs
  • Uncover the real reason your marketing isn’t working (and what you can do about it to turn things around fast)

And more!

Further, this isn’t some random “7-step system” I threw together at the drop of a hat.

Instead, I’ve trained / learned from some of the most brilliant – and nerdy – millionaire marketers on the planet.

Ever Heard of Ryan Levesque?

First, Ryan Levesque. Odds are you know Ryan from his Survey Funnel Formula, ASK Method, and/or best-selling book ASK.

Not long ago, I stumbled upon Ryan’s materials…and was instantly hooked. At the time, his explosive success was not only rocking the Internet Marketing scene…

But his research techniques were based on one of the most genius marketers I’ve ever come across: Dr. Glenn Livingston.

The Evil Genius Who Started It All

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Livingston is a psychology PhD and all around marketing brainiac. In particular, he developed a system that allowed him to profitably enter into a whopping 17 unrelated industries

Including weight loss, finance, and investing – notorious for being some of the most cut-throat, competitive niches on the planet.

In addition to running six-figure market research for Fortune 100 companies, Dr. Livingston was also Ryan’s mentor.

In fact, Dr. L crowned Ryan as his one and only protege before exiting the IM Guru scene forever.

Here’s why I’m telling you this.

The Origins of the Sherlock System

In early 2013, I purchased a course on how to execute on Dr. Livingston’s research methods. I had just started my first marketing agency, and wanted to use his strategies to help my clients.

Then, in early 2015, I stumbled upon Ryan’s work – and was immediately blown away. Ryan had taken everything from Glenn’s system, applied it to online marketing funnels, and cranked it up to 11.

Having already executed on Dr. Livingston’s methods, I knew Ryan was onto something BIG.

So I signed up for his private mastermind and started sharing the results I’d been getting for my clients. The result?

Ryan was so impressed by my work he asked me to join his team in February of 2016.

Now, obviously I’m telling you this to brag. But more important, I want you to know I don’t F around when it comes to research.

There’s a reason I’ve branded myself as The Research Copywriter

At the end of the day, I truly – deeply and in the bottom of my heart – believe proper research is…

The Key to Unlocking High Converting Sales Copy

At the end of the day, sales copy is nothing but communication. Words on a page. But those words carry power.

Get them right, and you can move mountains. Get them wrong, and your conversions, sales, and profits tank.

Sadly, most copywriters treat research like an afterthought.

“Yeah, we can do a quick interview so I can get to know your company better. I’ve written for this niche a million times before, don’t worry about it.”

Which is OK, if you’re happy getting mediocre conversions from prospects with their trigger finger on the refund button.

But if you want a flood of buyers who’ll crawl over piping hot glass, knees and forearms bleeding, just so they can get access to your widget…

You need to go deeper. Like, ocean floor, “still discovering new animal species” deep.

The Copy Should Write Itself

Fortunately, that’s where I come in.

From survey analysis to in-depth phone interviews, I handle the boring stuff that is critical to you launching high converting offers.

Because here’s a little secret: When you know your market like the back of your hand – and I mean every knuckle, scar, and hair follicle – the copy practically writes itself.

And while the idea of doing such labor intensive research strikes most as painfully boring, I love this stuff! Why?

I’m an introvert. A numbers geek. A wallflower.

I Stay Behind the Curtain So You Can Get the Glory

Forget being the center of attention. I just want to hang out in the back of the lab and play with my test tubes.

Which is exactly what I’m offering you today. If you’re anything like the clients I work with, you need a writer you can trust.

Someone who meets deadlines. Understands the bigger picture. And isn’t going to let their over-inflated ego jeopardize your campaign.

Unlike a lot of writers, who rest on their laurels because they specialize in the “health” or “finance” niche…I never rest.

I don’t assume that just because I’ve had success in one industry, everything I write in that industry will be a smashing success.

Because you know what? Things change.

Why Industry Specific Copywriters Fail

As an example, I’ve had two clients in the “How to Draw” niche.

When I began working with the second one, it would’ve been easy for me to assume I knew everything I needed to.

But when I dug into the research, I was stunned at how different their audiences were. How could that be possible, when both of them operated in a near identical space?


Niches Within Niches

Client #1 was young. Their content, graphic design, and social media presence were geared towards attracting 20 and 30-somethings.

Which made perfect sense, given the owner of the company was in his late 20s.

Client #2, however, served a dramatically older crowd (retirees 55 and up). Which made perfect sense: They were licensing content from a world famous artist who’s over 60 years old!

If I had kicked back and relied on my assumptions when working with client #2, my copy would have totally bombed.

Understanding Is the KEY to Crafting the Right Message

The appeals we used to apply to retirees, who were passionate about taking up a hobby they’d neglected as children…

…were night and day different from the aspirations of young artists trying to earn a living.

And the larger the niche your company operates in, the higher your risk of falling into this trap.

Here’s why I’m telling you all this.

Who I’m Looking For

As the behind the scenes, research copywriter guy, I limit myself to working with clients who:

  • Already have a proven offer / existing business
  • Already doing direct response marketing
  • Already have an audience / fan-base (my typical client has a six-figure email list and/or social media following)

That’s on the business side.

But at the end of the day, business is about relationships. And since dealing with egotistical jerks disturbs my ability to mess around in my lab, I refuse to work with anyone who:

  • Fails to realize copywriting is an investment, not an expense
  • Offers unethical products or services incapable of helping your buyers achieve the outcome being promised
  • Micromanages, overanalyzes, or suffers from analysis paralysis
  • Lets fear prevent them from taking calculated risks
  • Make decisions by committee / does not trust their own judgment
  • Is slow to make business-critical decisions
  • Or anyone who is a jerk

Assuming those bases are covered, here’s what I want you to do next.

First, click the button below. When you click, you’ll be taken straight to my calendar link so you can schedule a time to speak with me at your convenience.

After you schedule your call, you’ll be taken to a quick questionnaire. I use this to understand more about your business before we get on the phone, so please fill it out.

Once that’s done, your appointment will be automatically scheduled. Next, I’ll review your website and marketing materials before our call.

And don’t worry, I’m not not going to turn our call into some high pressure sales fest. In reality, I’m just as concerned with making sure we’re a good fit as I’d imagine you are.

Because at the end of the day…

I Want to be Dead Certain I Can Get You Results FAST


First, it’s the right thing to do.

Second, I’d rather be surfing or hanging out with my gorgeous Brazilian girlfriend than working.

And third, I’m super laid back, which means I don’t have time for nightmare clients who are going to add stress to my life.

So, no arm-twisting or “closing techniques.” Instead, we’ll use our time together to get to know each other / figure out if my skills are a good fit for your needs.

With that said, if you’re interested in seeing how my research skills can help you double, triple, or quadruple conversions, I encourage you to book a time slot now.

Limited Space Available

Because the research I do is very time consuming, I can only work with two to four clients at any one time.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to research, write, and deal with everything else if I’m working with more than a handful of people.

While I know it’s cliche for a copywriter to use scarcity, there’s no way around it. I’ve already burned out once because I tried to work with too many people at once. I won’t do it again.

Sound good? Good!

To book your 100% free, no obligation, “no arm-twisting or high pressure sales tactics” strategy session, please click the button below now.

Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you.

Chris Laub
The Research Copywriter

PS – My research process can take anywhere from five business days to a full month. However, once it’s done, the copy flows fast. If you have an urgent launch, campaign, or funnel release coming up, contact me right away.

PPS – I wasn’t joking about the surfing thing. There’s a reason I moved to Bali, Indonesia: It is literally home to some of the world’s best, and most consistent, waves.

So if you don’t find a convenient time on my calendar, pick any random slot, leave a comment in the notes section, and I’ll get back to you so we can work something out.

Given most of my clients are from the states, I go to great lengths to make myself available during U.S. business hours. And if you’re from the U.K. or Australia – that’s even better ; )